Music: 2 Slow-Paced Out Of The Oven Electronic Releases to Help You Set The Mood Before Weekend

I’ve been happily listening to a couple of new electronic releases this morning, which gave me enough to munch on and be well fed, musically speaking. I will not talk on each one, but about what I really liked, such as Palms Trax’s remix on FaltyDL’s ethereal piece Neeloon (Kiss). Released just last year, the original track sounds slightly exotic, but better falls into an imaginary futuristic vision. Palms Trax took it and extended the two minutes of FaltyDL’s version into an almost six minutes acid house dominated remix, with its own destiny and life.

Second track comes from Valencia based producer and artist Rafa Siles. He recently released a new track, making its debut on the SCI+TEC label, and called it Pez (the track). Just like that. You can expect fancy techno and an almost seven minutes duration of it. You can then continue the journey with a kind of continuity to the track, its second in line after Pez, Vies.

Fashion: Best of Red Carpet from Annual Teen Choice Awards 2017

Besides tons of awards and loved winners, there was also fashion happening at Annual Teen Choice Awards 2017 on August 13. It is true that it’s not the event to show up dressed as you would for the Oscars, but celebrities did the best they could at looking appropriately dressed and styled. I’ve picked four best looks, so here is my fifty cent on every one of them.

Actress Ariela Barer went for the romantic black of Helo Rocha Spring 2017, but she changed the vibe of her dress by wearing it with a mesh top and black pumps. She then accentuated her good-girl look with soft smokey eyes and an unpretentious natural updo.

Madelaine Petsch and Riverdale’s cast won seven awards at the Teen Choice Awards and Petsch herself won the Choice Hissy Fit. As for her wardrobe, she’s chosen just the right outfit and colors to highlight her red hair and skin color. I love her Genny Spring 2017 white embroidered ensemble, with shorts and long puffy sleeves blouse.

Maddie Zeigler grows up in front of our eyes, and every time I’m seeing pictures with her, she looks much taller than before. For this year’s Annual Teen Choice Awards she dressed up in Zac Posen Resort 2018, with printed jacket and trousers, and she looked mighty stylish.

Emeraude Toubia’s lavender embroidered wrap dress is a magical vision, reminding of romance and sensuality. It makes me wanna have it and wear it all day, every day.

Maceo Plex Performs a Techno Dominated Set at Helsinki Flow Festival

Maceo Plex showed off his magic on the first day of Flow Festival in Helsinki, Finland. He worked an almost two hours and a half set dominated by techno goodies, some being quite the vintage type. A good example is 1994 Dave Clarke’s Red 2 (Wisdom To The Wise) played just after the 2011 Acapella track Supernatural by King Britt and Firely with lyrics mastered by none other than Ursula Rucker. He then played Relax officially released by himself in 2010 under Maetrik name.

Other goodies:

Citizen Kain – Apathy, released 2017.

Dj Skull and Ron Maney- Vision Revelations, released 2014.

Bicep Releases Second Single from Upcoming Self-Titled Album

While writing this few lines, I am wondering why have I not been keeping up with what Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar from Bicep have been doing. I must have been consumed by something entirely different, but here I am reporting on their most recent release, Glue. The guys are ready with a self-titled new album, set to be out September 1 and till then Glue has been given to us as a treat, on August 4. Plenty of time to make a pre-order, since the new track is simply outstanding. Noticeably softer and smoother than what they have created for Aura, released back in June, from the same album. Both tracks have received positive reviews, mine included. However, I am more inclined towards Glue, and that’s my final say on the matter.

Label: Ninja Tune

Genre: Electronica, Downtempo

Mauricio Ochmann and Wife Aislinn Derbez play in Comedy Movie ‘Hazlo Como Hombre’

Actor Mauricio Ochmann stars alongside his wife, Aislinn Derbez, in comedy movie Hazlo como Hombre (Do it Like a Man), officially set for release in Mexic on August 11. It is directed by Nicolás López, who gets mentioned together with Guillermo Amoedo at being responsible for the screenplay.

In the movie, Raúl, played by Ochmann, is a conservative and macho type of guy who’s perfect world gets completely shaken up after one of his two long time friends, Santiago, played by Alfonso Dosal, is confessing his homosexuality. The subject is still a tabu chapter to Raúl, who is devastated and wants his friend back to how he used to be. Convinced that it is all a phase, he and his other friend Eduardo, played by Humberto Busto, are set on a journey of finding answers which ultimately, as they are hoping, could cure their beloved indeed gay friend.

Language: Spanish.

Actors Ariel Levy, Alfonso Dosal, Aislinn Derbez, Mauricio Ochmann, Humberto Busto, Ignacia Allamand and film director Nicolas Lopez at the ‘Hazlo Como Hombre’ premiere on August 8, in Mexico.


Glaibera’s Favorite Best Designs From Designer’s Nest’ Award Show at Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018

Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring Summer/ 2018 is currently taking place in Copenhagen, and if you’re wondering about dates, let me tell you that we’re talking about 8-12 August. Day 1 began in force, hosting ‘Designer’s Nest’ award show, with Nordic graduates from all over Scandinavia.

Swedish designer Sofie Antonsson send down the runway an all white urban ensemble with shiny overalls, see through top styled in stripes, gloves and clogs.

The first winner of this edition, Einaz Gargari from Norway, impressed with her head to toe dresses, some faces being completely impersonated into the dress. I loved her splashed mini white dress.

Icelander Bergur Gudnason’ risque choice of fabrics turned out into looking assembled to perfection, with no aesthetic discomfort, except for the shoes, I would have chosen different ones. Other than that, there’s nothing more to add, but compliments.

Norway is again on this list, with an elegant silhouette created by Maria Kiaer. Not a dress, but side-split wide leg pants styled off with a twist and black pattern white blouse.

Liu Yifei Plays Three Lives in Fantasy Romantic Drama ‘Once Upon a Time’

For all you lovers of Asian fantasy movies, here’s a grandiose treat to watch this August, or September, when the Chinese romantic drama ‘Once Upon A Time’ is closing the journey of releases in its last destination, Japan. Starring actors Liu Yifei and Yong Yong, the project is based on the fantasy novel ‘Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms’ (aka To The Sky Kingdom) by TangQi Gongzi.

Gorgeously shot scenes instantly grab your curiosity, enslaving you into wanting more of it. The clothes, makeup, and hairstyle of the actors are in tune with the story, but it’s the scenery and colors that make everything altogether appear so enchanting. I’m speaking of dreamy lands with gorgeous pink blossoming trees, floating islands of paradisiac beauty and yes, love.

Speaking of it, I have a feeling that this movie is going to be quite a journey into the love colors, and is not going to be always bright. Liu Yifei is great at expressing the sweetest affection and then turn your world completely upside down. She gets help from handsome Yang Yang, who is just as capable of honoring its surreal role into a surreal delivery. Popcorn anyone?

Best Celebrity Looks From Week August 1

Freida Pinto and Olivia Palermo were among the attendees at Women’s Health and FEED’s 6th Annual Party Under the Stars on August 5, and they both looked impeccable, the reason why I’ve decided to gush a bit about their outfits. Palermo is obviously a pro in the fashion department, and for the event she chose to wear a maxi polka dots skirt that she paired with a white ruffle shirt. Her nude and gold strappy high heels sandals sealed the deal elegantly.

Freida Pinto skipped color, instead wearing a Resort 2018 white ensemble with black patterns, consisting of a maxi skirt and shirt. She finished her relaxed appearance with black strappy heeled mules.

Although extremely gorgeous, this Couture Fall 2017 gray wool jumpsuit is not the easiest piece to wear. However, for the screening of her latest movie ‘Wind River’, actress Elizabeth Olsen looked magnificent while wearing it. For the completion of her look she chose to wear black pumps, a choice that kept her look close to the image portrayed by the brand for this collection.


3 Best Tracks Played at Kappa Futur Festival 2017

So it’s been a while since 8-9 July when Kappa Futur Festival 2017 happened in Turin. Meanwhile, I’ve been busy procrastinating so here are my top three tracks from the festival, delivered to you better later than never.

Seth Troxler’s b2b set with The Martinez Brothers gave me a tune to love and attach in the depth of my soul. Released by artist Kid Enigma under label Plant 74 on 11 December 2014, Dangerous is an awesome piece with smooth rhythms and lyrics to remember.

The first track from Nina Kraviz’s set is her 2014 release, IMPRV. Simply as that. Or not. Listening to it I got a slightly surreal feeling, a result of Kraviz’s seductive voice played on top of a mysterious sound resembling, in my opinion, an 80’s nostalgy. Then, in the middle of the track, there’s a change of pulse and suddenly everything becomes more awake and alert. Maybe we were in fact dreaming. Then we woke up.

And finally, there’s Joseph Capriati’s ‘one of a kind’ techno track Solar System, released back in 2012, under Drumcode label. The Italian Dj gifted the audience with this powerful tune, slightly mixing the track for the live version.

Swiss Rapper Stress Releases Music Video With New Band

Swiss artists Stress, Evelinn Trouble and guitarist Gabriel Spahni from Pegasus band combined their talents into a brand new musical project, naming it Trust. The revealing happened not too long ago, at least that’s how things happened for an international music stalker like myself. Individually, each of the three musketeers is a well-established artist inside the Swiss music arena and each is playing different genres. To prove it we only have to look at Stress’s impressive collection of Rap that he has been playing since forever. Despite his favorite genre, the artist has proved several times to be quite versatile, working with different artists and keeping it interesting. Joining Trust as a bandmate just shows his ambition to reach new heights.

As for Evelinn Trouble and Gabriel Spahni, these two are closer to home with this project, style wise speaking. And if we are to name the least alienated, I will point to Spahni, whose backing vocals and guitar work added wonderfully throughout the years to Pegasus, a band with a pop rock feel, highly popular in Switzerland.

The new band has recently released Welcome To The West‘s music video, and with that Trust has given us two of the four tracks from their eponymous mini album, after the unraveling of ‘Volcanos’ in April this year.

Genre: urban folk

R.I.P. Chester Bennington

I was in shock this morning to find out about Linkin Park’s frontman Chester Bennington death. I wanted to cry but I’ve decided instead to go with my day and complete the tasks, till now, when I am finally having a break and can think about it.

Like many of my generation, Linkin Park represents our cultural memories as kids and teenagers. I’ve encountered their music when I was in high school and that has shaped my taste in music for the next maybe 15 years. The message of their lyrics touched very little of my soul since even now I still get around words and instead find myself in the sound. Even so, I knew there are depth and sadness; I wasn’t old enough to understand. Now I do, now I know pain. Now I’m finally able to look the lyrics in the eyes.

To end this, I can only say that we need to find strength and swim through the darkness to reach the light, even when what’s holding us feels like home.
Rest in peace, you beautiful soul!
R.I.P. Chester Bennington

Harry Styles Serves Quirkiness and Style While Promoting War Film Dunkirk

Harry Styles has cut his hair for his acting debut in the role of a British Army private named Alex in the war film Dunkirk, film that is officially in theaters starting today, July 21, and took its fresh face on a tour to promote the movie. Alongside its handsome co-stars Tom Glynn-Carney, Fionn Whitehead, and Jack Lowden plus Producer Emma Thomas and Director Christopher Nolan, the first time actor made a first appearance on July 13 in London, then headed to Dunkerque, France on July 16 and in NY 18 July. Short but efficient.

Fashion wise, wait what am I saying? Firstly, who knew he has such baby blue eyes, cause to me this is news. And yes, I’m bad at tracking details at a smaller scale. Back to fashion, the singer and actor looked dashing, especially when in London and NY. The suit looks good on him, even with the quirks of his Rainbow loafer boots or the embroidered marching band pants he wore in NY. And yes, he looks way better with short hair. Way way better.


Maribel Verdú and Antonio de la Torre Co-star in Dark-Comedy Movie Abracadabra

Actress Maribel Verdú has a new movie on her sleeves that’s going to be released August 4 for which she attended a photocall in Madrid on July 17, joined by co-star Antonio de la Torre, fellow actor José Mota and director Pablo Berger, who is not only responsible for directing but writing too.

The movie, entitled Abracadabra, is a dark comedy family drama, in which massive football fan Carlos, gets an out of the blue and unrequested second chance at being present in the family life, so far completely ignored by its passion that keeps him unavailable to its house, daughter and most importantly to his wife, Carmen.

The trailer got me laughing, which is a plus, next to some other extra points, such as the context husband gets consumed by hobby and ignores family life, which is a real life inspired subject. But don’t you worry, there’s comedy shining through, which makes everything worth the care you give.


Alexis Mabille Skips Classic Fashion Display, Assembles Couture Collection Into Exhibition Mode

Alexis Mabille skipped the classic fashion display and assembled its Couture collection for Fall-Winter 2018 into an exhibition, in parallel working a video presentation acting as a fashion show, in which the designer showcased its entire collection in the absence of an audience.

There’s only a handful of elements building this collection, yet the result is stunning, precisely thanks to how the designer worked with so little. The fabrics and colors are great but greater are the shape and style. Dense ruffles, embroidery and magnificent sleeves are used for making the long silhouettes look highly sophisticated.

Karl Lagerfeld presents Chanel Couture Collection under Eiffel Tower Replica

At the Grand Palais in Paris, on July 5, the atmosphere in the enormous stage had already been set before the defile by Karl Lagerfeld’s decision to present Chanel’s Couture collection in a very Parisian manner, and for that, he placed deck chairs in the shadow of an Eiffel Tower replica, lightly clouded at the top. The first sight of Couture started on Mario Batkovic’s ‘Restrictus’, who set the tone for the music that played throughout the show.

Looking at the clothes, I get a Merry Poppins feel, starting from the very first outfit. The hats, the shoes and the shape of the clothes, all send you on a playful journey that’s meant to be a secret, camouflaged by a rather serious attitude, especially given the lack of details that’s dominating the beginning of the show. Even after that, there’s an abstinence that’s happening, compensated only by feathers placed in the least expected places and big flowers playing out as pampered hems. Sleeves and high boots receive the same treatment, a manner that creates quite an image. Sparkling fabrics suddenly change the mood set at the beginning and with that the collection triumphs into the elegant and highly sophisticated Chanel garment.

The front row meant names like Kristen Stewart, Julian Moore, Kaya Scodelario (finally!), Nana Komatsu, Tilda Swinton and many other. After the show, Karl Lagerfeld received the Medaille Vermeille de la Ville de Paris by the city mayor, Anne Hidalgo.