Who is Koda?

Is Koda for today. Who is Koda? Besides the stage name and tracks that are available for listening, I don’t know much about this artist. But even so, I did enjoyed listening to its work, therefore, I will share a lovely track from those that I found and listened. What I did notice is that he (the voice in Koda’s tracks) has an amazing, soft, sexy voice. A second thing is his style. If you listen to its tracks, you’ll experience a sort of nostalgia feeling. And a third thing would be its several pretty well made songs. I do believe the artist (Koda) can create tracks with a solid, sophisticated base, where everything is combined together in the right way, but for now he is, like many other artists, stuck, I would say, in a sort of phase of creation where the artist is creating but hasn’t reached its potential yet. I believe many get blocked right in this phase because the phase itself is a moment of creation and sometimes you can not see what could possibly be more to achieve than the awesomeness of what you’re creating now. As I see it, some artists really have no feeling for more than a basic sound, but many others have, and Koda to me is an artist who has that potential. Anyhow, here and right now I will share one of those pretty well made songs so we can have a taste of that nostalgic note from Koda’s tracks.