This is Flume & Chet Faker. I am not interested Now I am interested on the last name mentioned 😀 , but still obsessed with Flume sounds. It is devineee! But wait, I think Flume did a good job with Chet Faker. They have several tracks together and it almost makes the tracks unrecognisable as Flume being Flume, meaning, listening to the song(s) it might take you a while to recognise its style (maybe because Chet Faker does his job the right way). But you know what? It doesn’t matter. It’s dope. I like it. Makes me wanna dress like a sexy fˆ¹²¤r and take my skateboard that I still don’t know how to use and start making some progress. But it is late evening. So I am just writing about it. So I am gonna add one of the tracks they made together and I managed to listen. And that’s it. Flume & Chet Faker ladies and gentlemen!