That time of the day

Welcome to Australia! OK, maybe a bit exaggerated. What I wanted to say is that I have a lovely artist from Australia. Is a she and her name is Megan Washington. I must say I was lucky to find her through a TED talk (she was talking 😀 ), because I probably would had less chances from any other sources. And that kind of pisses me of. There are so many amazing artists but all we talk about on the media is about those artist who are internationally known. Back to Washington. What great sounds! Her music made me dance and feel happy. It’s some sort of alternative rock but for some reasons reminds me of Yuksek music, when he is not creating remixes. What surprised me about Washington is the amount of tracks she has. She was definitely busy but from what I understood from her TED talk, singing is a great way for her to be verbal, since she stutters. And to end today’s introduction, I wanna say I adore her, I think she an amazing addition to a proper music playlist, playlist that any music lover should have. And now let’s hear two of my favourite songs which appear to be someones favourites too, since I actually found a playlist with this exact two songs. Looking forward to dig into her tracks for more, just needing the right moment. Enjoy!

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