Nobody wants to dace

What? Nobody wants to dance? I do not believe it and neither this guys. They came with a fun collaboration between Samsung and Seven, which is a swiss artist, making dance possible even in a train station. Ok, not just any train station, but the big and loaded main train station from Zürich, Switzerland. In this specific day when the let’s call it “event” happened, people passing through Zürich train station witnessed random people dancing to a huge screen where they would be imitated and encouraged by what it looked to be an enthusiast guy. I am definitely impressed and I wish I would have been there. For sure this initiative brings just any person, regardless of their intellectual level, in a state where they can express themselves with no contagious questions about history, geography or why Earth is round. With all this being said, let’s watch a few short videos, expressing more about the event than I did in this few words I struggled to write in a correct manner. Let’s dance because why not?