Stan Ritch

Do you know that loud track from System of A Down called B.Y.O.B? If no, click here. If yes, well, several artists, known or unknown, tried to make a remix on it and I had listened to a couple which to me seemed pretty bad. Even though the original version is not what I would normally listen, it is a great song. But a miracle happened and a french Dj did a miraculous version of this same track, and I am about to share it right here for you to listen and enjoy. I personally think it’s pretty dope, done with taste, it lasts a lil over 9 minutes which is perfect and it sounds like something you should spend in order for you to listen. And yet the SoundCloud version, the same one I will share here, it is free to download, which is great, but not doing justice to great tracks done by talented artists, like Stan Ritch for example, the french Dj whose work I am talking about. And I could write a lot more about this subject, but I will stop here because I need to put some makeup on and walk my dog. Meanwhile, let’s hear the remix.