Cool vibes with cool effects – Another way of making a music video


Great things happen when you least expect. That’s how I bumped into the subject of this topic, looking for something else. Went to the market with a big shopping list and came home with a different one. Ok, that’s not exactly how it happened, but you get the message.

To me beauty is a pretty complex subject but it’s almost always about vibes. I am attracted to certain things because the vibe I get from that particular subject makes me feel good. Like this music video. If you would take the voice of the track out and let the sound by itself be played together with the visual effects of the video, this could be my new obsession. Simply on another level, like KKK and the others K’s (be peaceful).

Talking about the visual part, this video is a great reminder for us to stop and rethink what creativity is all about. Here the visual effects almost look savage. Untrained. Like when you have no idea how to do graphic and start playing around with your brand new tools. That’s how raw it is. And that’s the beauty of it. It looks effortless, it looks raw, wild and creates a certain vibe, matching perfectly the sound of the track. Another great choice is the black and white image. It adds perfectly to the whole idea of creating visual material for the track to blend and match. Great work!