It is that time of the day – The Cinematic Orchestra

Today’s pick is The Cinematic OrchestraWhy them? Because these guys are simply amazing. Their stuff is of excellent quality. Their music is creativity and love. It makes  you cry because it touches that invisible part of who you are. I am in love with all of their work but there are a few tracks I simply adore and I am going to share one of my favourites from The Cinematic Orchestra. But before doing that I am going to add one thing:

My first choice was First Light, but since there are a few issues (don’t ask!), I am going to share one of their probably most known tracks, which is simply beautiful. They do have so many other superb songs  and I am sure that just anyone who is looking for good quality music will find (or found already) something to love from their stuff, fitted to their own personality.

So let’s just have a moment of dreaming with this amazing song, To build a home.