Makeup talk – Your beautiful imperfect face

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Every time I take a look through my pictures, with or without makeup, I still get surprised of how real the difference between my half and right side of the face is. And no matter how hard I try to create two equal eyebrows and two equal wings, it never works out, because, as it turns out, my face is perfectly imperfect.

I mean, admit it, your right half of the face will always demand its own makeover, so why bother? Embrace it. Embrace your imperfect face and make the best of it. The same goes for your makeup. So let’s see a few tips to follow in order to achieve your perfect makeup for your imperfect face:



Embrace your imperfections. There is nothing more powerful than the full acceptance of the way you are. And there is something very lovable to your imperfections. You know them. Are yours.

Less is more. Instead of making it complicate, think smart and build yourself a routine. Like for example your own simple, elegant makeup. Or maybe you like something edgy. Go for it. But remember, keep it clean.

The rule of the 5 products. Yes, that’s all you need. Foundation, mascara, something for your eyebrows, blush and your beauty product of choice created for lips. Anything else can become too much if not used the right way. And we know what that means. Enhancing your imperfections in the wrong manner.

“Cheat”. Yes, that’s right, you can cheat. In, fact, you have to. Still, there has to be a limit how far the cheating goes. I don’t know what your “imperfections” are, but I can tell you that if you decide to cheat, there is only one way to keep you out of danger, and that is the smart way. It has to look natural, it has to look like you can go out of the house. It has to look like you can go to your meeting without giving people something to think outside of the meeting topic. Yup, people see.




The “clean” concept. You may in time adjust your two eyebrows to look more alike, but your right half of the mouth will always look like that. The makeup is crucial in the way you wear your imperfections. Makeup by itself doesn’t move around, while your imperfections are your whole face, face that’s moving. So your face by itself can make your imperfections pretty attractive or even “invisible”, with the help of face expressions, while a bad makeup is a bad makeup, no matter how seducing you can wink. Wink back 🙂

Adapt. I know you wish to have your makeup done the same way Kendall Jenner has it, but she is another human being. And she looks different. Anyhow, you can create something inspired by what you like on someone else. Take it and play with it. It won’t look the same way it looks on your favourite celebrity. But it will surely look amazing on you! Just do it with care. And have fun with it!

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