Chasing Heaven

When I think of Bassnectar, his hair comes into my mind, his long dark hair. And if he will be playing Chasing Heaven while letting that hair create weaves as he shakes his head to the rhythm of this beautiful music, then…well…I shall fall in love. Ok, maybe not literally fall in love, but I could fall into a state of feeling above the clouds. I mean, hello, we are talking about Chasing Heaven and not chasing pizza, and this track didn’t fail to make justice to its given name, which means that Bassnectar just became the hottest guy on the planet, in my book (yes, I have one). This track is a collaboration with Levitate and since I don’t know all of the artists existing out there, I am mainly focusing on the guy with the long hair. In short, fabulous track, definitely gets you above the sky, and I just pushed the 51 time on the repeat button. Hello Heaven.