I invest in my future with a beauty routine

There are few things we need in order to function on a daily base and a beauty routine is just one of them. Think about drinking coffee. How would you make it throughout the whole day without a sip or a cup of your favourite coffee? I am saying “your favourite coffee” and not just any coffee, because you know better than anyone else how important is for you to like it. It’s the same with a beauty regime. You need to do it. Because you need to do it, you have to like it. Exactly. You need to do it. And you have to like it.

A beauty routine can be perceived as time consuming and in truth it is that. Nevertheless, it’s time you invest for your future. Yes girl. You do wanna age beautifully and have your teeth for as long as possible. So a beauty regime is your own investment for reaching beauty goals, not for the next week, but further in time.


Obviously, there are extra measures into achieving beauty goals. But these steps are and will always be options for economical reasons and personal willingness while an actual beauty routine consists in down to earth methods, with real achievable results, not just for next week, but for your future.


For sure the only image we think of when talking about a beauty routine, the skin is what really women invest in. I love that. I admire girls and women who take care of their aspect, particularly of their face. Men started doing it as well. I love it. Still, we need to know what makes a beauty regime perfect for our face and for sure our own experience can give us the answer. For example, I love wearing makeup and had to find a way I would like for taking my makeup off. Tried different methods, but water and soap won. Of course, I bring new elements on a regular base but my focus is on discovering those products and methods with real results and once I find one, I stick to it. And yet, it’s not enough.


Here’s how I see it: It actually does not matter the product because women will never choose something that feels wrong on their skin. Never. What truly matters is the discipline to use these products on a regime schedule, knowing every product usefulness and place in the routine. Then own it. After all, it’s a great investment.

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