German music makes my day

Hello world. Happy girl here and today I am bringing to Folder 29 some german sounds to keep us happy and feeling sexy because that’s all that matters right? Feeling happy and sexy. No? More? Sorry, that’s all I have for now.

Tom Thaler & Basil is a german duo I recently discovered while listening some radio and it was love at first sight. Definitely not sharing my instant attraction, Tom Thaler & Basil give us great vibes of what they call hip hop. I wouldn’t put it that way, since I found some pretty danceable tracks with barely there hip hop influences. But maybe it’s just me and I don’t get the message. Anyway, loved their most recent tracks, thought the work they made is a perfect mix of vocal and sound, it’s something we need to hear on the Tv and Radio to brighten our days and I’m always happy when I find great artists to listen.



Just as a final note, their tracks are in German language because duh, the duo is from Germany. The track I chose to share is a beautiful piece and the language just adds to the whole splendour.