The Shoes

I am kind of starting to really like french electronic music. I found this awesome remix of The Shoes guys. You know, that french band who has a song about America, which is btw a bad ass track – well that’s the band I am talking now. The track from which The Shoes made the remix belongs to the french band NaÏve New Beaters, and to be frank, the original sound is not my style (just a fact), but the work The Shoes guys made on it, well that is another story and I am loving it. It is great! It sounds fresh, electronic, danceable and sexy.

From an electronic music lover point of view, their portfolio of remixes is something you need to dig into. You will discover a very different approach to electronic music, opening tracks to a whole new audience and vice versa. It is the alternative side of electronic music, a field which hasn’t been properly explored, that’s why artists and bands like The Shoes are more than welcomed to show us the endless possibilities of what electronic music can offer.