3 random Youtube channels worth following

For those of us who find pleasure in spending time surfing the web, YouTube is one of the main sources from where we get our entertainment. Am I right or not? We get a bit of everything from just one place and there is enough to please everyone. From music videos, entertainment channels, family vlogs, fitness gurus, to fashion videos and daily vlogs. And we still haven’t covered all there is to be found in the enormous source of information which is YouTube.

I can’t even talk about how much random channels helped me get the motivation or the peace of mind I needed in my not so majestic times. So here I am, in a lousy attempt to give back. Therefore, in this article I will suggest a few YouTube channels I know are worth following thanks to a reliable, educational, entertainable and healthy message content.

First channel I will be suggesting could be misunderstood, but I have a high appreciation for the creator and its content. I am talking about Klossy channel, starring no one else but the lovely Karlie Kloss, the beautiful supermodel with the best walk. And I have to admit, my first reaction was of surprise because I wouldn’t expect someone as big as her in the fashion industry to start a YouTube channel. But I knew little and as it turns out, YouTube had become lately a great source for big names to keep a close relationship with their fans.

Back to Klossy channel, I have only good words for it. It consists in short vlogs, always fun to watch thanks to the diversity of subjects. Besides bringing other big names in her vlogs, Karlie seduces us with her baking skills, fitness regime, short motivational talks, peeks in her shooting sessions and a lot of good manners, which is actually the most important aspect why I follow her channel. If there would be a rule I would love to exist, it would sound something like this: always stick to people with good manners.

Other pros: great editing, excellent video and sound quality, engaging subjects and behind doors fashion related moments. Definitely a must follow YouTube channel.

My second suggestion has nothing related to the previous one and it is far from being a fashionable channel. But in life you need a bit of everything, and learning a new language definitely should be in your list of To Do’s.

Learning a new language as an adult is never easy. Obviously, we need to be motivated but no one can deny the magic of the right teacher, the right book, the right method or even the right-click. Sometimes all you need is to spicy it up a bit and have fun instead of having a routine.

Easy Languages is a YouTube channel designed to do just that. It is nothing alike any other channel you ever encountered when learning a new language, bringing people, countries and cities, culture and every day dilemmas into one big place of diversity. With a strong european influence, the channel consists into several smaller ones, each being focused on another language, all related to the main “mother” channel, which is Easy Languages.

Pros: lack of commercial editing, random useful information, highly diversified, multi cultured, tips in learning your chosen language, subtitles, correct grammar, easy topics, uncensored language, here and there funny content, flexibility in accents and slangs and an entertaining video editing. I could come up with a few more, but I’m sure I’ve made my point.

The last YouTube channel I’ll mention in this article is all about underground music. With a huge archive of Dj sets, Boiler Room YouTube channel is an excellent source for finding new artists, new sounds and listen to already known names, all from the underground music scene.

Highly diversified in content, the channel has something for everyone and plenty of stuff for you so make sure you are in good terms with your neighbours because you will use those stereos.

Speaking of stereos, Boiler Room channel gives you an almost live experience and has very few editing touch ups. Be ready to hear voices from the crowd, random dialogues, sudden silence moments or people applause. This is actually the beauty of this channel. It lacks the commercial up do and gives you an almost live sensation from various corners of the world.

Pros: decent looking audience in the background, an almost live experience, excellent sound and video quality, 45-80 minutes long underground music sessions and a huge diversity of sounds and Dj’s.