A Random Interview and a Very Talented DJ

Here’s an almost 34 minutes video with Yuksek in its studio, being interviewed by the Future Music Magazine. There is a second part to it, continuing the enjoyable conversation of the previous one. Definitely a must see interview, for which I have only good words to say.

With such a big artist like Yuksek at the centre of it, the interview is pure enlightenment, spoiling us with rich content of music learnings. Coming from the underground scene of electronic sounds, more precise the french underground music, Yuksek has definitely a lot of cool stuff to talk about as far as the music production goes (I’m sure beyond that as well). And surely, you can not expect less from this wonderful gifted Dj who’s talking about his tools or the “innovative” methods he uses with an obvious ease and transparency. This is definitely an excellent video for the more detailed oriented individuals,the nerds of this industry in the best sense speaking. So if you’re just an amateur or someone with experience in the music making, either way, you are going to like it.