Celebrating Aquarius: A General View on The Water Bearer

Every month of the year brings with it memories of special moments, family birthdays, community events and worldwide celebrations. But there is something else attached to each month, something we don’t actually celebrate but use for guidance and even for having something to obsess about once in a while, because why not.

Starting with the 21st of January, the Aquarius, which is the second zodiac sign we recognise and accept in the Western Astrology, starts its celebrations which end on the 19th of February. In its honour I’ve decided to point out the things which impressed me the most about people with an Aquarius sun.

I think before anything else we need to talk about the impact this people have right when you first meet them. No one expects it because in our society we believe something big has to happen in order for us to be impressed. And yet, Aquarius people do it like it’s the most normal thing on earth. We may be tempted to think it’s how they dress and wear their hair that makes them so intriguing in our eyes, but as a person who’s met only decent looking Aquarius, I can assure you that’s not the case.  

It is the vibe they give you and not what they wear that brings the strongest impression on you, and every time when I met an Aquarius, it felt different. In high school I had the biggest admiration for one of my classmates. She seemed like she would shield you away from all that’s bad and had the most attractive face to go with it. I wished we would be friends, but it never happened. And it is quite interesting because later on I’ve met for a brief moment another Aquarius girl who gave me the shock of my life the minute we were introduced. With a dolly face and an impeccable hair, it seemed no one could make her relax for even a few seconds from all that talking she was having.

But that is a rare encounter. Either way, meeting an Aquarius almost never happens without leaving you into a state of mind you weren’t expecting at that moment in time. Kind of hard to digest for the egos of the remaining 11 zodiac signs, who are maybe thinking to themselves how unfair is this article. But oh well, some say that life itself is not fair, so what do you expect?

The vibe you get is the impression this people will give you. They seem grounded, confident, arrogant and calculated, leaving no trace of any hidden plan going on, like everyone else has, in getting that hot dude phone’s number, or getting people’s attention by any means. Everyone wants something, or so you thought till recently, when you met the Aquarius.


This people can be quite confusing at first, leaving you a strong impression, even when little was said and little was shown. Even if the Aquarius looks drop dead gorgeous, it is never their sculpted bodies or their great faces that brings the strongest impression, because beauty is met in all of the 12 zodiac signs. It is their detachment, their way to be like no one else and the easiness in which they manifest a strong and grounded personality you know you could never pull it off. All this makes Aquarius an intriguing, confusing, intimidating and annoying individual, to us, the rest.

However, they are handsome individuals, with a sweet behaviour and a decent dose of “quelque chose”, so it’s only normal to have the desire of courting them. And so you shall because in those early dates their stubbornness will come to light, even uninvited. This is an important event, giving you the opportunity to show those teeth of yours and fight till one of you is out of the game, or, treat with care and see where life gets you.

To my knowledge, they don’t use stubbornness in their actions, like refusing your affection for a whole week. Instead, this people will engage in ugly debates on who knows better with just anyone who dares to contradict them. And it can get pretty bad, especially when they have no recollection of a higher thinking from your side. In those moments, only their own experience and self work can make a difference, helping them to acknowledge that’s not the way to behave or win an argument, even if the other person is thought to be lesser equipped in philosophical and abstract ideas. Fortunately, this urge they feel in proving their point can be tempered and worked with. First of all, a great deal of self discipline is needed, seconded by how the others react to such an arrogant, loud and disrespectful manner in which they defend what they think is the right “philosophy”.

In every zodiac’s signs there’s a dominant characteristic and Aquarius are all about intelligence, which is something they already know about having. Therefore, trusting they’re always right is an instinct to them. But the type of intelligence this people have is not specialised in knowing the right answer, how they are inclined to believe. Yes, it is easier, almost natural for them to dig into the depth of all things, but that’s not their mission and definitely not the most important thing they’re good at. In reality, a proper raised Aquarius will be good at everything and excel at whatever he puts its mind to. There!

Yes, Aquarius are intelligent creatures, as we already established, but not in an Einstein kind of way, rather more like in a water bearer manner. They will work on complex projects without making a big fuss about it and many times without any help from outside. The thought of doing it all by yourself has never occurred to you but the Aquarius can’t stop thinking about it. They want to know how it works, even if someone else can do it for them.

They love searching, reading, listening and taking examples from different sources. Their mind allows them to understand EVERYTHING- the exciting, the boring, the old, the new, the abstract, the philosophy, the simplicity, the ugly, the beauty, the weird, the norm, the progress, the poor, the rich and you. In contrast, they will only learn what’s really needed, nothing more and nothing less. In the end what’s the use in learning something when understanding it is all you have to do? Understanding of things is what they’re really focused on and from there they will make the things you never thought of doing.

They never really consider doing things in the same manner those things are expected to be done and they certainly don’t have much thought on it. There are other subjects to dissect, like the colours they will use and the eco-friendly materials they need. Pieces are assembled together in their mind, and if approved, this people start creating. Who cares if it’s not how other 100 people would do it? An Aquarius would never ever think there’s something strange in this behaviour, on the contrary, it is the normal of all. And off he goes to his project.

Aquarius people understand the value of something that is done well starting from its root, ending to its last piece. Every detail has to pass the test, not only the surface. And no worries, they are surely prepared to judge the quality, because like I said before, Aquarius wants to know everything, even when they don’t seem to need it. It prepares them to distinguish between high and low quality, the first mentioned being what they’re after in all things.

Very ambitious, they will want a good image, a good partner, healthy kids, trustful acquaintances, solid houses, successful careers and a good future. They go in life having the intention of doing the right things for them and for those around them. This is quite a goal to have, making them excellent partners and safe people to have around. With this attitude in mind, one can only bring good to its society, to its neighbourhood, to its house, family, partner and to itself. Their achievements in life are here to show us the potential, the future, the beauty, the gentle and above all, the true definition of “best”.

Happy Birthday Aquarius!

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