Highlights From Chanel Spring Couture Show 2016

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Paris Haute Couture 2016 is taking place this week, with major brands presenting their couture collections. But that’s not the actual goal of this article, because more than anything, I was super excited for the Chanel Show. I dreamed about it and just couldn’t wait to see what goodies has got for us this time the very talented Karl Lagerfeld.

T H E  S H O W

How most often happens with fashion shows taking place in Paris, the Chanel Spring Couture 2016 show took place in the Grand Palais. This time the scenery had a blue sky and a large lawn with alley sitting peacefully in front of a futuristic wooden house, from where the models emerged wearing the very distinctive style of the Chanel House.

T H E  C L O T H E S

Short blazers, neutral colours, the black dress and the famous Chanel suit – everything was there. However, the surprise of the collection had been the cape, presented several times throughout the show, sparkly and sometimes transparent, a hit for a haute couture evening look. The mini bag, often present in the Chanel collections, made quite a show on its own this time. Never the same, the small bags were attached to loose belts, matching with the rest of the look entirely in colour and details.

M A K E U P  A N D  H A I R

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The hair of the models looked gorgeous and very lady like, with a wide C shaped low bun framing the face. The models seemed to wear little to no makeup, except for the eyes. A Cleopatra type of makeup had been used, but kept as light as possible.

At the end of the show, the house opened into equal opened spaces on three floors, revealing the whole collection into a static living image of a doll house. S P L E N D I D!