Tasteful Choices – The Sophisticated Simplicity of An Artistic Interior

Apartament w stylu fusion | Nina Yashar - Czytaj, nie pytaj! - Style, trendy, inspiracje, pomys?y, nowo?ci obejmuj?ce takie gatunki jak moda

via wookmark.com | Nina Yashar – Milan apartment

Just like it happens in most home interiors, the space above looks to be having the usual pattern going on, like a carpet, chair, sideboard, paintings, lamp, curtains and lights. However, we’re not done yet, because despite the ordinary mix of furniture and accessories, anyone can recognise the artistic touch present in all of the details.

To start with, the little “scene” going on is part of Nina Yashar’s Milan apartment. With so many great accomplishments in her sleeves, we can not expect less from this lady. Every detail and piece looks like is having its own strength and unique story. Even the dark blue section of wall.


The striking of all is the use of such strong colours like yellow, blue and a red, all in the same space, without being mixed. There is a strong statement in the manner this colours were used. So confident and fearless. However, the space could fail the artistic appearance without this surprising decision of using a few splashes of colour next to dark brown and washed blue.

T H E  F U R N I T U R E

There are only 3 pieces of furniture in this space, each different in colour and style. The deep dark brown sideboard has an interesting appearance, given by its large opening and long legs, looking like a reinvented classic piece.

In contrast to its sober appearance, a late 50’s mustard yellow cone chair by Verner Panton and an artistic red sort of cocktail low table were added to the assemble.


The two framed images bring height to the sideboard and create the perfect transition from the heavy looking furniture to the darkness of the upper wall.

A silver blue lamp and two Bombay Sapphire” ceiling lamps by Paul Cocksedge are responsible for the lighting and while the first mentioned shares same colour with the drape that’s sitting inches away, the latter has an artistic touch in it, in this matching the two fun pieces of the room – the chair and the table.


A beautiful chinese hand knotted carpet and a silver blue drape serve as a frame for the whole picture. The carpet looks rustic but elegant, shining on its own without compromising the showy pieces sitting on it; the softness and femininity of the drape, although very subtle, is doing a good job at balancing things out.