Gifts, Spontaneity, Affection and Gallantry – Guide To The Finest Romance

Picture: pixabai

Romance, “the bond between a knight and his Lady”, went through constant changes throughout history and as a result, today we afford the luxury to express our romantic thoughts in ways knights and ladies of our history could only dream of.

However, the feeling you get when you’re hugging that special one or the sight of a pretty box of chocolates that’s been specially bought for you are few of the little things romance is made of at its core. Even in our days progressive thinking, when it gets down to romance, it’s the little things that count.


In Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea, February and March are all about love and gifts. Valentine’s Day is when women give men sweet treats like chocolate, and when these are intended for romantic partners, the gifts are called honmei choco (chocolate of love).

Then, on the 14th of March, a month from Valentine’s day, it is men’s turn. They will give a little bit more honmei choco than it was received and shower their loved ones with cookies, marshmallows, jewelry, flowers, candles and teddy bears.


Imagination and spontaneity creates romance and attraction. In the 1995 french movie Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, a shy but imaginative Amélie plans a fun game. She has a lost album and she wants to give it back to its owner – a young man for whom she had fallen in love, although they have not been introduced.

Amélie sets a place and a time, alluring him into a hide and seek game, using a public phone for communication. She leaves clues like little arrows on the ground, a young boy’s message and a living statue who’s pointing finger helps Amélie love interest arrive to his destination.

There, looking trough the public binoculars, the young man understands that he was played, because down from where he began his little journey, an incognito Amélie waves at him while placing the lost album in one of his underbone’s pockets.


By Gustav Klimt – Google Art Project, Public Domain

Affection is maybe the surest way to keeping romance alive. A reassuring touch, a soft kiss on the forehead, a tight hug, holding hands or playful kisses. All of the above create intimacy, warmness, and keep love happening.

Couples often have their own affectionate signature, like for example holding hands in a particular manner. Some like to intertwine their fingers when holding hands, while some couples prefer the “down facing palm”. The latter is believed to be a sign of a protective partner inside the couple and it is maybe the method most couples are using when holding hands.


You can never go wrong with gallantry. Opening the door, holding the chair and being in charge are signs of good manners, manliness and self confidence. It looks and feels attractive, and besides the romantic side, gallantry is a powerful tool in creating attraction.

To feel good about it, confidence is key. Proper guidance can help men manage gallantry with ease in romantic and day to day situations. “The Ins and Outs of Opening a Door for a Woman” is a “to the point” article from, explaining in a friendly manner the do’s and don’ts of this romantic, attractive, polite and beautiful behaviour.