Spring And Summer Perfect Dress & Three Ways To wear It

Back in September last year, Topshop had an amazing fashion show, getting us super excited for Spring and Summer. The shoes, the coats and the jackets looked heavenly but the dresses were the centre of attention. Feminine, fragile, flowy and revealing; natural, effortless and seductive – all of the good stuff.

With so much sensuality, a dress like one from this collection might be maybe too risque, however, Topshop made it clear that it is easy to wear such a look, even for the more shy ones. Let’s talk about that.


Jackets are the real deal, especially in the springtime. Long and casual looking, it can be very handy especially for people who are maybe not that comfortable showing their backs when wearing soft and sometimes see thought clothing items. For Topshop collection, the jackets managed to cool down some of the  sensuality of this gorgeous dresses, making it acceptable for a street look – and it all looks great!


The see through leopard dress has to be part of a predator’s closet. As a a variation, it comes as a top to wear with a short skirt. In its collection, Topshop made sure that even the shy predator can walk with confidence among its victims by simply adding a very convenient red sweater vest on top of the dress. I must say, the red looks beautiful on top of the dress. Final conclusion: the print itself mixed with the soft see through material makes your body melt. Gotta have it.


For a very seductive look, Topshop let the dress speak by itself adding little camouflage to it, which actually adds to the beautiful feminine appearance. The shoes match just great with the shape of the dress. It’s a beautiful look, with little effort, complimenting the feminine body in a natural and relaxed way.