It Is That Time Of The Day

The latest track I’ve been obsessed about comes from Joseph Capriati, a name I knew nothing about or at least I haven’t payed proper attention to it till recently. My openness towards the techno side of electronic music wasn’t always there, and I could barely digest some names here and there back then. A Joseph Capriati track is not for anyone’s ear and definitely not the easiest sound to listen, but for the “grown ups” fans of electronic sounds, the harder the sound, the better it is, if you know what I mean.

Considering I am not part (yet) of that mature audience I mentioned before, Joseph Capriati turned out to be quite the character, delivering few tracks my humble soul could actually drift into.


The one I choose to share is a thrilling journey with barely any door to some normality. It brings you into a state where you simply have to accept whatever it’s given to you, exciting you with its beats and then forcing you into some sort of quietness, having no clue of what’s coming next. And yet, under all the changes of “scene”, there is consistency in the sound and every next part is crafted to be the perfect pair of the previous one. Excellent job, Joseph Capriati!