Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2016 Best Ideas

Stella McCartney kept her collection for Spring and Summer away from details and abundance of accessories, instead exploring with shape, length and fabrics. The result is a relaxed collection, focused on bringing pieces together through match of colour, shape, cut and fabric into one perfect look.


This look is an excellent example of how magic simplicity can be. The yellow and purple look amazing together while the black shades bring a solid elegance and fade the two colours into continuity. The shape and cut of both top and skirt balance the length and bagginess. It looks wearable, easy, airy, elegant, natural, modern -almost progressive – and beautiful.

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This all black look build out of two pieces is a perfect mix of relaxed and elegant. The overly large pants look comfy, while the vest brings elegance and seriousness into the look. Both vest and pants have large white prints, making everything look fun to wear.

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This knee length white vest looks amazing! Beautiful cut, fine details, the fabric looks gorgeous. White is a smart choice for bronzed skin, complimenting any tone and working just fine with any other colour next to it. Wear it on top of large pants or even a large long skirt, finishing with a pair of sandals.

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