The Tracks You Need For A Boost Of Happiness

Electronic music has so much to offer, it is impossible not to find something for everyone’s taste. Even for your most peaceful friends – you know, those individuals who never listen to hardcore stuff because it makes them emotional.  What, you’ve never met someone like that? Maybe it is time for some Swiss radio.

A good suggestion to begin our conquer of delivering non aggressive-non harmful sounds for those who like their happy self more than tempting nostalgia or sudden burst of energy is A.G. Cook’s track What I mean. It has the playful vibe going on, being the perfect sound for keeping different tastes satisfied. In fact the track had been played in one of Chanel’s fashion shows. Now that’s an accomplishment to be proud of!

Next suggestion might fall a tiny bit into some emotional dance, but it stays in the limit of acceptance. Definitely not neutral, Zuky by Villa is a wonderful sensual sound. It reminds of no worries, of innocence and happiness.

Can’t say the same thing about this next suggestion. Again a track that’s been played in a fashion show thanks to its friendly vibe and neutrality towards emotions, Painted Eyes by Hercules & Love Affair is an excellent track for skipping on strong emotions and live an easy life.