3 Tracks From 3 Artists To Listen On Repeat

First track and my favourite from this list, Home -perfect way to name such a track -, comes from Icarus. The two brothers behind the label made this beautiful, dreamy and almost hypnotising track as a collaboration with artist Aurora. It’s a great electronic sound, easy to listen and done with good taste, lasting a little over 6 minutes. Definitely a treat!

Next track in line comes from Lithuanian producer and artist Few Nolder. Called One, the track is a beautiful journey into the sound, well done, compact and mesmerising. It definitely makes you eager for the summer and a much needed electronic vibe in the air – something we all have been missing this past winter.

Last track called Another Day Heartless comes from London based artist Demarzo, who himself writes about his music on his Facebook page, as “the stuff that makes you dance”. I guess he likes to keep his promises because this Heartless track is indeed a danceable one, and in fact it is the only track from today’s list where you have the dancing thing going on. And because two minutes is not enough, here you have the longer version, a little over 6 minutes to enjoy.