Have You Seen Reem Acra’s Collection For Summer? Now That’s A Daring Show!

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Reem Acra’s fashion show for Summer started in a exotic vibe, however, nothing prepared you for what followed next, not even the first silhouettes. The colours kept getting brighter and brighter while the mix and match kept going courageously higher and higher. And you would think that with so much colour going on, this show would fail. Well, it did not.

Most of collections for Spring and Summer brought back a lot of sensuality and femininity, something we started lacking, however, nothing anticipated the burst of playfulness and courage some designers had for us. Reem Acra’s collection is one perfect example of how far you can go when you stop playing safe. The richness of colours and those outrageously temting combinations just make you wanna try it, at least once, the thrill and freedom of wearing daring clothes.

But it is not just daring. If it was just that, this article wouldn’t have happened. Reem Acra’s collection surprised the most with the beauty of such an outrageous show off of colours and mix. And on top of that, it just feels like it happened in the right moment in time.

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Besides the mix of colours, something else happened in this collection. The influence is dominant and loud. There are several elements from the turkish culture, as far as clothes go, such as the typical folk turkish girdle with the tassels. In fact there are several types of girdles, all turkish, or better said, from the historic Ottoman Empire.

We even have gipsy vibes, with the fierce combination between bright pink and bright yellow or bright orange with yellow, both timeless “trends” preferred by some gipsy ethnicities.

Besides shocking and hypnotising, Reem Acra’s collection has lots of wearable looks, very decent, yet sexy and attractive. If the hot pink hot yellow combination is for the show, much of the collection incorporated folk elements into our days civilised world clothes. And you can definitely feel like a babe wearing this beautiful daring pieces, on a bronzed skin. It will look amazing!

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