Of Course, Why Shouldn’t We? – Reusing Plastic For Better Goods And Better Environment



Buying a bottle of soda looks like the least harmful gesture, and yet when you take the journey of your plastic bottle to its final destination, after you’re done with it, your innocent gesture proves to be way more complex than accomplishing your own right of keeping yourself hydrated.

It is way more than that. There is a whole journey that happens for your soda, even before you’ve decided for buying it. It’s production happened way before, and then the empty bottle has to be disposed of. Do you know what happens with it after you’ve drinked your soda?



As it turns out, there is a huge error in the way we dispose plastic but most importantly, we actually don’t think much of it, which is the hidden problem to a widespread issue – the plastification of our oceans.


In reality it shouldn’t be like this. Our oceans could be protected from harmful garbages like yes, plastic, and making sure you’re recycling it after every use is the most successful way in making sure plastic ends up reused – like it should be with all plastics. Why?

Plastic does not have the ability to degrade into nutritional compounds and it defies time and climate. It just sits or floats, and the only thing that happens to it is that it gets chewed on by animals that live by. Oceans are full of plastic and pieces of it end up inside ocean animals, or as tiny pieces of garbage mixed with sand, lying beautifully on our beaches. Is that ok?

As it turns out, we can reuse plastic for better porpoises. This way plastic does not end up in oceans or on some beach, instead it gets reused into other projects and goods. I mean, who would have thought that you can transform the plastic you’ve just used into thread and then into clothes? That gives you something to think of, right?