The Video Editing We Have To Gush About

And so it starts……

Listening to some of Son Lux‘s tracks, I bumped into this wonderful music video. Track by itself is mellow and mighty alternative, but I will not get into that here. Reason? Its video editing is way cooler than anything I’ve seen in a while. And perhaps some think how video editing should be all about elaborate effects to achieve something beautiful. I, on the other hand, believe that it should be an explosion of lights, shapes and pure expression.

One thing I really like about this video, is the actual simplicity happening. I mean, what do we have here? -A bunch of pins pinned into different shapes, happening on top of a sort of greyish background. However, the second you click play on this music video, those black pins mesmerise your eyes and senses. You’re hooked. There’s a consistence of rhythm in the movement happening during the track. It is fluid and it keeps on happening. Shapes transform continuously and it is like a dance. And a very good one, if you ask me.

Conclusion: Between all those flashy forms of expression happening today, unique and innocent creativity happens in the least expected places. Or not. However, when you find it, it feels like falling in love. You become one with someone’s creativity and your heart starts beating fast. Many thanks to those accomplished minds, editing this beautiful music video.