Menswear: Spring And Summer’s Best Runway Ideas

If you wonder what’s to wear this spring and summer, I chose four ideas I absolutely love from the runways – but there’s a twist. I am talking about risqué trends and looks. However, I believe we are in good hands -so breath- because despite the twist, these are wearable and stylish ideas. We have layers, soft fabrics and plenty of freedom. As for colours, there’s not much going on this season, however, there’s a lot of brown, grey, mustard and yellow. Just the right colours to balance things out.

Spring and Summer 2016 menswear here we come!


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Shirt on top of another item, especially on men, always have a certain sex appeal about it and Prada knows its cards very well because it did just that. The softness and almost transparency of the shirt could look too relaxed if it wasn’t for the mock turtleneck. Although it would seem as a no go, this look is a must try. It looks artistic but grounded, playful but serious, manly but soft. Computer science with arts.

HOW TO: First of all, don’t get discouraged. Wear it with black or grey pants and always with office shoes. Jeans would work just as good as soft fabrics, however, stay away from any shade of blue. Keep the messy hair.

D S Q U A R E D 2

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Still on the layers trend, on the other hand, Dsquared2 had a different approach. It is all about black, leather, edginess AND short pants on top of leggings. It is so risqué that it almost makes you wonder if it’s really worth it. Well it is. I don’t see any better time for wearing black leather shorts on top of black leggings than this spring and summer. It is courageous, proving that wearing the unconventional can not make a male loose its testosterone.

HOW TO: I wouldn’t change much about Dsquared2 looks for spring summer 2016 because there is a bit of everything in there. You are allowed to mix and match whatever you desire as long as it’s black and in the sport – casual range and surprisingly, it works.


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Vivienne Westwood had an amazing fashion show for menswear spring summer 2016 with bad boys and clothes to match. However, this colourful jumpsuit stood out and I believe it to be the must have item for this spring and summer. The jacket adds even more and that’s probably the best way to wear a jumpsuit of this type. It looks hot and fashionable, keeping the manly vibe intact. So don’t be afraid to wear something like this -it brings a nice touch to a nice posture and a sculpted body.

HOW TO: I definitely recommend wearing a long casual jacket on top, just like Vivienne Westwood did with her model. Both items are beautifully cut, very relaxed and when brought together create quite a sexy manly casual look. One more last thing to add: you can wear sandals with this look. Tip top, right?

R A F  S I M O N S

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Moving on to Raf Simons, well, those pants in his show are quite the sight. I wouldn’t advice it for any type of body, however, on the right height it can definitely turn heads, if that’s what you’re after. I love the length of it, the flannel concept, the brown, the cut on the waist and the rebelliousness of it.

HOW TO: To be frank, this are the pants you need to let loose and go wild with your imagination BUT I have one suggestion you might consider: wear a sleeveless shirt with an open V neck and add a rough looking pair of boots. Accessorise with an Akubra hat and few fine bracelets.