No Worries – There’s Plenty Of Time Left This Summer For Trying The Korean Style

Summer is great for experimenting with different trends – like Korean fashion. Not largely known outside Asia, korean fashion is playful, courageous and different – just perfect for something new in your wardrobe.


These two looks from S=YZ collection for Summer 2016 are indeed playful. The print is  gorgeous and I love the subtle greyish top. As for the first look, this is how you get all eyes on you.

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Miss Gee keeps a lot from the korean style, however is more mature and elegant. First outfit is a brown dress with matching coat, a look that combines both comfort and femininity under same roof. Second look – a jumpsuit with matching coat, exudes elegance and sophistication. Love the green and pink-brown, and the lovely print.

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Two pieces and one color. A treat for “one colour” fans, these two looks share a deep UCLA blue and top-bottom embroidery. The jumpsuit has flared pants and a nice sleeveless top with V neck. Dress is casual/elegant with mini skirt elongated by a see-through embroidered bottom.

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