Fendi Had A Legends & Fairy Tales Fashion Show For Its 90th Anniversary In Rome

Fendi celebrated its 90th anniversary with an exquisite Legends & Fairy Tales fashion show in Rome, July 7. I am saying exquisite because it was exactly like that, if not even more. With Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi as creative directors, the collection exceeds the moment’s creativity and style, going forward and above. There’s something deeply delicious, perfect and artistic to all of the pieces from the collection, from big pieces to the smallest details.

Embroidery and fluffy applications played an important part in making this collection, so as mixing different details and colours for different parts of the piece, together in one look. Embroidery looked childish and fantasy like, with golden long haired princesses, castles and riders, flowers and trees. Applications were colourful, fluffy and used in building embroidered scenery, or used in building an entire piece.