Cro’s “Unsere Zeit ist Jetzt” Brings Great Actors, Comedy, Good Music and Romance Together

German artist Cro went a lil MIA for a while and here we have the reason for his almost absence from the music scene. An amazing movie release made the rounds of internet – “Unsere Zeit ist Jetzt” (Our Time is Now) –  with recognizable faces which some of us love and admire – like the panda mask (Cro), the one and only Til Schweiger, Peri Baumeister, swiss actor Marc Benjamin and David Schütter.

Music is exactly what I would expect from a movie with Cro and Til Schweiger – chill, beautiful and addicting. Not convinced? Here you have the proof!

PLOT: In the movie Cro (who plays himself) comes with the idea of a project for which he starts a contest. As a result, 3 youngsters ideas get his attention – a film student who wants to make a documentary about Cro, followed by a 30 years after screenwriter movie idea AND to make things even more interesting, a comic artist who’s into a movie animation about Cro’s beginnings gets to work in the project too. As you can imagine, as these ideas are put into facts, bonds are formed between the characters and WE get to see it. Yay!