Thanks To A.Av’s 2016 F/W Collection, We Now Know What’s The Next Big Trend On Layers And Coats

We all know how obsessed koreans are about their coats, and of course they can come up with ideas which ultimately become our favourite next trends. The thing is, before watching A.Av’s collection for F/W 2016, was seriously thinking about ways of building layers, since I love doing it, however, in my head there was an image going round and round: something smaller on top of coats.

Luckily for me, A.A.v’s designer, Kwangho Lee, pushed the layer trend to a next level in his 2016 Fall/Winter collection, layering jackets on trench coats and even on coats. Now, you could say nay, however, depending on the fabrics which are used, this new way of wearing layers of clothes looks better than expected. I personally think it as a natural progress of how we wear clothes on top of eachother, obviously talking about bigger pieces.

First look from A.Av’s collection that got my attention has a lovely ultra light beige jacket on top of what looks like to be a coat – simple as that. The fabrics and colours blend well, so as the movement of shapes. As you can see, the lengths are different, although the jacket has a build in shawl that blends in with the lenght of what’s under.

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Second look is a grey jacket/cardigan sweater on top of a beige trench coat. These two colours blend nicely together, creating “wearable” for everybody and are both colours very much in trend. The coat is cool and a bit harsh, with its big side pockets and stiff collar, while the jacket brings warmth, looking like something you would definately like to wear in a cold day. There is also a bit of black in there, for a bit of a “detail vibe” and giving a hand to the grey and beige mix. Are these two pieces working together? – Yes, absolutely! It is a nice, wearable look, very modern and yes daring BUT mighty “handsome”.

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