A Modernized Hippie Summer – Marc Cain Style

Fashion brand Marc Cain had a cosy looking show in Berlin last July, presenting its idea of what ladies should wear this coming summer. At a first glance, bright colors are the ruling points in this show, resembling a lot the late 60’s and beggining of the 70’s. Obsiously, we get a hippie vibe, modernized and transformed into a wearable beachy looking streetsyle look – you know what I mean?

The 60’s and 70’s are everywhere in the collection, going beyond the bright colors. Heavy prints next to big accesories and strappy heels are just a few of the elements that reminds of the past.

Colorful scarfs, hats, tassel earings, large colorful bracelets, pretty colorful dresses – some with large flowery prints, see through bomber jackets – all and some other more details made this collection a dream for those looking into a hippie next summer.