Naeem Khan Made Dreams Come True With Blush & Lavender Wedding Gowns For Its 2017 Bridal Collection

Married or not, we like the look of bridal gowns. There is just something about them that makes you soft and girly. And wait till you see Naeem Khan’s 2017 collection. It’s a dream with blush & lavender AND it will make you have second thoughts about the white bride.

Talkign of blush – this silk organza ball gown wedding dress with floral embroidery is an angelic sight. The off shoulders are the perfect detail to the shape, colour and details.


Another blush piece, this dress is an exotic/beachy embroidered wedding gown with a regal and modern look.


A stunning lavender embroidered long-sleeve ball gown with tulle skirt.


Another lavender ball gown, looking sweet and innocent. Top bottom embroidered with long sleeves and open back.