Kristen Stewart Directs Movie And Makes Fashion at The Sundance Film Festival

As you might know, Sundance Film Festival 2017 happened this week, which made me excited and I even started to watch their TV channel to stay updated with the event. Fast forward, internet exploded with the news of Kristen Stewart debut as a film director AND writer at the festival.

The work, called “Come Swim”, is a short movie and it is part of the ShatterBox Anthology collection of works, particullary short movies, all directed by women. Here, the actress used her creativity in showing someone’s day in a very artistic manner – and here I am gonna end my description, since I haven’t seen the movie yet.

Talkign of fashion, Kristen Stewart rocked in black jeans, Saint Laurent biker jacket, white tee and sneakers at the premiere of the movie. She’s hot, right?

Embed from Getty Images