Yuksek Has a Brand New Album For Us

Yuksek announced today the release of his new album “Nous Horizon” and THAT my darlings is one very good news. He has been sort of “away” in the past two years or so, sharing just few updates, every once in a while about what he’s been up to and very little about his music – I remember specifically few months ago when finally I got to hear something new from him after a prolonged silence. Well that something new is one song from the bunch that make up this album.

Back to the release, obviously I went and listened to a couple of the tracks and already have two favourites – “Sunrise” and “Live Alone” – a MV collab he had with astronaut Thomas Pesquet for the ESA. The last mentioned is quite different from everything else that’s on the album, nonetheless a very good track and a favourite of mine.

Moving on to “Sunrise” – I have to say about this track as being the style that got me hooked with Yuksek ‘s music in the first place – very airy but rich and feeling compact, BUT most importantly – showing so much of the perfection and quality of Yuksek’s artistry. This track has a MV with a funny storyline and an ending that’s even funnier – just watch it.

Welcome back Yuksek!