Gorillaz New Album “Humanz” Release Begins With a Four Track Teaser

Gorillaz have been performing live this wekeend at Printworks London for the first time after a long break and this comes shortly after the band informed the public on the soon-to-be released new album, after almost 7 years from the “The Fall” in 2011. And now that I’ve made my introduction, let’s get deeper into details.

This new album, called “Humanz” got everyone excited and the news dropped like it’s hot, trending #1 on social media and being the talk of “the town”. An official release will happen on the 28th of April, which is in about a month, however, a rap-focused teaser of 4 animated videos and 4 tracks is already available for the public since 23rd March.

Personally, I am delighted for the videos, allowing me to enjoy some good quality animation and a bit of fun weirdness. Saturnz Barz, a 4th track on the album, is one of the releases, bringing with it a mix of dubstep, some hip hop and rap, together with a bit of electronic work. This made Satunz Barz sound colorful, dark and unpredictable, like a good fusion of unexpected sounds into one funky song that you can not put in a box – Gorillaz’s signature maybe? The video for the track is hilarious and spooky in the same time, comedy being highlighted by “dialogues” between the virtual Gorillaz members, who are all equally present in this video, while the “horror” is visual. The story of the video works wonderfully with the sound and lyrics from the track, showing the work, creativity and passion that got all this project into one piece.

What else to expect from the video: artist Popcann’s intro vocalsNoodle‘s new grown up image, 2D‘s high fashion style and video teasers from “Andromeda”, “Ascension” and “We Got The Power”, the other 3 tracks from the album teaser.

Last mentioned is the 20th track and the last from the standard album (there are 26 tracks in total), featuring artists Noel Gallagher, Jehnny Beth from “Savages” and Graham Coxon. Sounds are french house, alternative rock and rap while “Andromeda” begins with a bad-ass funky beat that gets you into dancing.

CONCLUSION: with such a colorful and unpredictable teaser, the rest of the album can only be even better.