Nina Ricci at Paris Fashion Week F/W 2017

I grew up watching a lot of the 70’s movies and looking at Nina Ricci’s show in Paris for Fashion Week F/W 2017 I feel nostalgic. Not because of the clothes, but because of my childhood. However, back to Nina Ricci’s F/W collection, I loved how the designer updated a whole bunch of trends from the 70’s to a more refined level.

The colors are soft pastel, and then we have black with white and navy. The details are everywhere and blend with each look like a glove. Speaking of gloves, they are one of my favorites of the collection. Some are lacy and some are made of leather, the latter being used in monochrome looks and with matching high boots.

I have a few other favorites. The yellow star bag is the perfect item to brighten the mood in the cold days. Next, I loved the fringed dress with black high boots. It looked powerful and dangerous. Last but definitely not the least, an item to have is the long dress with cut-out front.

Other pieces worth checking out from Nina Ricci’s F/W 2017 collection are high-waisted flared pants, the fur bags and monochrome gray looks.

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