The Classic and The Modern that Happened at Marchesa SS 2018 in New York for Fashion Bridal Week

Marchesa had a ridiculously beautiful bridal presentation on the 20th of April, for the New York Bridal 2017 Fashion Week and I had a hard time choosing my favorite dresses since all look frightfully presentable, I have to say. The collection satisfies both the thirst for a modernized appearance and the appreciation for the classic bridal dress.

For an interesting look, Marchesa added black to snowy white dresses, by accessorizing delicate shapes with color contrast pieces, like belts, earrings or chokers. Here and there, black is added to the dress in a minimalistic fashion, hardly looking as having been styled.

For the very romantic heart, the designer has included in the collection pale pink, delicate bows on the sleeves or at the back, fluffy looking accents and soft layers. The details are big and soft, size being added but softened to create delicacy, playfulness and ultimately, what we all want, the wow effect.



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