Designer Isabel Sanchis Checks in at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2017 With a Brand New Collection

Isabel Sanchis unmasked the silhouettes she had prepared for Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, in Barcelona, on April 26th. The collection in itself is amply diversified by specific fashion elements and influences, making the transition between the bride, bridesmaid and other dresses happen in a discontinuous manner. And it felt rather abruptly, but it kept things exciting and the outcome diverse.

The bridal dress is bourgeoisie, contributing with very little attention to the praise of its human form. The barrel shape of the skirts in the dresses is voluminous and designed to look playful and bouncy. Relaxed folds, soft frills, embroidery and bows are all collection key elements to the altogether well-pleasing appearance of this flamboyant yet sophisticated bride.

Other Isabel Sanchis looks worth mentioning: an embroidered bridal dress styled in geometrical cuts, a see-through black dress and a set of long black evening-wear silhouettes embellished with metallic necks and sleeves, styled as a continuity from the dresses.


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