ROA aka Rise of Artificial Is Finally Back With Possible Summer Hit Release

On June 8, Romanian electronic group ROA aka Rise Of Artificial released their latest track, and this comes after almost two years of heartbreaking silence from these guys. And yes, I am a sentimental person. This new song called “Flow de Vara” translated as ‘summer flow’ arrived just in time for the summer holidays, having good chances at becoming a summer hit darling.

A music video accompanies the track, making things so much more appealing and if you are acquainted with ROA’s previous works, you may expect the same style, but this track is somehow sweeter and features hymn tunes orchestration.

This is their first release since “Cine Visa”, translated ‘(he) who dreamed’, was dropped in October 2015, fully packed with heavy tunes and cool lyrics.

Welcome back ROA!