Chanel Opens Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition In Seoul With Cocktail Party & Famous Faces

Mademoiselle Privé exhibition is set to open its treasure box once again and this time is showing the goods at D-Museum, in the city of Seoul, South Korea. Before the official opening to the public, the event made its presence known by hosting a start studded cocktail party. The invitees: big names from Korean Entertainment gathered to show support for the project.

Actress Park Shin-Hye looked extra cute with her girly hairstyle while singer CL showed up wearing dark sunglasses and black coat styled as an off-shoulder dress. Models Soo Joo Park and Irene Kim came by, both looking polished and in style. G-Dragon was there too, carrying a hand fan (how posh of him!). The artist even held a concert for the occasion and let’s not forget that he is, in fact in the midst of his second world tour Act III, M.O.T.T.E. Bandmate Taeyang joined in as well, working a pair of purple velvet shoes and stars embellished coat.

The exhibition is an attempt to bring Chanel’s history in a better-suited format for the smartphone generation, blending brought to life and real iconic elements of Chanel brand with the smart software option to give visitors a better vision into what Coco Chanel has lived and created and what Karl Lagerfeld made of it. The Couture had to be part of the exhibition, being such a representative legacy from Karl’s creative contribution. Honoring Chanel No. 5 is equally important, the fragrance having lived longer than the average human being, considering the year of its creation, 1921.

The exhibition is open to the public from June 23 to July 19, 2017.

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