Dior Deliveres Surreal Beauty for its 70th Anniversary at Paris Couture Fashion Week

Dior took its audience on July 3 on a surreal journey for Paris Couture Fashion Week SS 2018. Showcased at Hotel Des Invalides, the organizers secluded beautiful wood sculptures of wild African animals into an exotic garden, to host Maria Grazia Chiuri’s take on Dior 70th anniversary. The designer went back in time for this Couture collection and styled silhouettes of the 50’s into dashing sophisticated looks, and delivered in the end an outstanding collection. The impression is undoubtedly in favor and highly satisfying.

On the runway, gray proved to be highly resourceful and surprised with its ability to deliver such sophistication. The fabric matters a great deal to this affair, so as the shape and cuts, but then we’re talking about 50’s tailored look, which leaves little space for mistakes, even when explored 70 years later. Revisiting the past, Maria Grazia Chiuri has chosen to execute into modern approaches a handful of well-known pieces such as the full skirt style dress, the must-have gloves, hats, and wool fabric. Coats had their say too, being displayed on top of flowy dresses and paired with then labeled as man’s hats, today known as Fedora.

Dior’s established disposition towards fine dresses and flowy fabrics completed the collection.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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