Harry Styles Serves Quirkiness and Style While Promoting War Film Dunkirk

Harry Styles has cut his hair for his acting debut in the role of a British Army private named Alex in the war film Dunkirk, film that is officially in theaters starting today, July 21, and took its fresh face on a tour to promote the movie. Alongside its handsome co-stars Tom Glynn-Carney, Fionn Whitehead, and Jack Lowden plus Producer Emma Thomas and Director Christopher Nolan, the first time actor made a first appearance on July 13 in London, then headed to Dunkerque, France on July 16 and in NY 18 July. Short but efficient.

Fashion wise, wait what am I saying? Firstly, who knew he has such baby blue eyes, cause to me this is news. And yes, I’m bad at tracking details at a smaller scale. Back to fashion, the singer and actor looked dashing, especially when in London and NY. The suit looks good on him, even with the quirks of his Rainbow loafer boots or the embroidered marching band pants he wore in NY. And yes, he looks way better with short hair. Way way better.

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