Glaibera’s Favorite Best Designs From Designer’s Nest’ Award Show at Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018

Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring Summer/ 2018 is currently taking place in Copenhagen, and if you’re wondering about dates, let me tell you that we’re talking about 8-12 August. Day 1 began in force, hosting ‘Designer’s Nest’ award show, with Nordic graduates from all over Scandinavia.

Embed from Getty Images

Swedish designer Sofie Antonsson send down the runway an all white urban ensemble with shiny overalls, see through top styled in stripes, gloves and clogs.

Embed from Getty Images

The first winner of this edition, Einaz Gargari from Norway, impressed with her head to toe dresses, some faces being completely impersonated into the dress. I loved her splashed mini white dress.

Embed from Getty Images

Icelander Bergur Gudnason’ risque choice of fabrics turned out into looking assembled to perfection, with no aesthetic discomfort, except for the shoes, I would have chosen different ones. Other than that, there’s nothing more to add, but compliments.

Embed from Getty Images

Norway is again on this list, with an elegant silhouette created by Maria Kiaer. Not a dress, but side-split wide leg pants styled off with a twist and black pattern white blouse.

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