EMMY 2017 Fashion Highlights

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I could put words into a puzzle and still, anyone could guess that is about Nicole Kidman perfect style. Yesterday she stunned again, this time in a red tea-length gown. She surely knows what colors to wear for her light skin and blonde hair.

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I preferred Michelle Pfeiffer not only for looking flawless at 59 but for her black lace and tulle cocktail dress that she wore with grace and style. You go, girl!

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I’m not always into Jessica Biel‘s fashion choices, but for this edition of Emmy Awards I have to admit, she made my heart flutter in approval. The hairstyle for the night sets her apart from the rest and with the help of the wrap gown she’s transformed herself into a real goddess.

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E-News correspondent and television personality Zuri Hall embarked on an adventurous journey by choosing to wear this fringe metallic dress, which is not only splendid but unconventional too.

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Actress Vanessa Kirby looked delicate in her fairytale dress, up to the point where the pulled back hair meets the eyes of the viewer. The look is ultimately girly but strong too.

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Susan Kelechi metallic off-shoulders dress has a mesmerizing vintage air to it.

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