Best Dressed and Styled at Golden Globes – Jessica Biel, Dakota Johnson and More

Black was the theme of the Golden Globes for this year’s edition, and even the story behind it is not one related to fashion, the black itself made everyone look really well, individually and as a whole. With this being said, this edition brought me a lot of enjoyment in choosing my favorite looks, which I’m about to unravel now. Read on and see if you agree with Glaibera’s choices!


There is no doubt that best hair and makeup from the Golden Globes goes to Jessica Biel. The actress not only had one of the best dresses of the night but won my heart completely in the hairstyle department (yes, I do have in my heart such a department). Styled on one side lightly waved, away from the ears, it then goes at the back styled into a perfect half circle, falling like a nice curtain on the neck. Earrings are long but do not cross hair length, this emphasizing, even more, the perfection of this highly sophisticated hairstyle. Makeup is gentle, with extra long eyelashes and subtle rosy lips.

Embed from Getty Images

Dakota Johnson is my next most favorite, the actress looking delightful in the best dress of the night. The front looks neat, almost too neat until your eyes fall on her perfectly thought belt. Even with such a simplistic view, the dress is still a winner. Then the actress turned, revealing a crystal-embellished bow design, stunning and opposite looking to what was happening at the front. The bow slowly dies into a long, almost dark grayish train. For hair, we have a wavy, in line with ears ponytail paired with fine bangs, styled to look natural and fresh.

Embed from Getty Images

Just as nice:

Jessica Pare – The actress had one perfect look per whole. Hair is sleek, styled on one side and into an updo. The dress is a real piece of art, gorgeous, with flowers and well-thought straps.

Embed from Getty Images

Essence Atkins – See-through tulle long skirt and heavily embroidered top with feathered short sleeves.

Embed from Getty Images

Diane Kruger – As usual, a one of a kind fashionista that never disappoints. The actress wore a beaded gown with matching long cape. A sleek updo revealed the perfect bone structure of the actress.

Embed from Getty Images

Brittany Lopez – Hair down on one side, very organic looking. She was wearing simplistic strappy high heels and hearts and starts A-line embroidered tulle dress.

Embed from Getty Images

Sally Hawkins – Assimetrical mixed gown with velvety blouse top revealing one shoulder and ball skirt.

Embed from Getty Images

And then there were the hotties: Halle Berry and Kendall Jenner.


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