Chanel Cruise 2018 – The Collection and Front Row Faces

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Chanel Cruise 2018/19 show, presented by Karl Lagerfeld on May 3rd, 2018 had a wonderful nautical feel, partially given by the presence of an impressive life-size ship built just inside the Grand Palais, where everything took place. The rumor is that inside the ship was all the hair, makeup and all the other things needed to make a show of this magnitude appear by magic.

The clothes and looks for this collection matched amazingly with the whole set up. Few spots of slightly bright colors made the entry, “light” being the verb of the day. White tights accompanied every look or at least the vast majority of what went down the runway. The shoes were lovely, light, with a bit of heel for a more elegant look and sometimes adapted for a more casual look. I loved the last mentioned. It was a lovely mix of sport and etiquette, proper for what’s trendy these days, yet very Chanel like. Stripes went in all directions, sometimes harmoniously mixed or matchy-matchy. The beret hats did not miss one look, being always in proper accordance with what was on the body. Heavy and multiple bracelets, tweed sequins, large pants, few evening black and white dresses and evoking summer and sun patterns next to everything else mentioned before joined forces into making this collection a wonderful one.

Front row, as always, did not disappoint. Kristen Stewart took on the role of being the sophisticated full of sex appeal appearance, while Margot Robbie stole my heart with the simple yet effective black choker she wore to soften up the icy look of her sequin dress. Angela Yuen rocked the fringe while she sported black tights and white sandals. Last but not least, a face I love to see at Chanel, Anamaria Vartolomei. She’s looking all natural and wearing Chanel, because of course.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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