Gorillaz are back with Brand New Album The Now Now

Only last year Gorillaz were back with a much-awaited album after nearly seven years of being in a latent state. The new album, released 28th April and called Humanz, dropped like a gift from the sky, yet nobody could predict how fast a next album would follow. And yet, after nearly one year from Gorillaz’s comeback, a brand new album happened AGAIN. “The Now Now” is set for release into the world on June the 29th. It brings with it lesser collaborations (or so I’ve heard), which is nor good or bad. To have a taste of what’s about to follow, four delicious tracks and a music video made the official debut. I remember ‘Fire Flies’ has been the first for me to listen, followed by ‘Lake Zurich’, ‘Sorcerez’ and last, ‘Humility’. I can only say it feels very summery and chill. All four tracks carry a mix of enchantment, sex-appeal, sensuality, smoothness and nostalgy. I’m all for inhaling these vibes.