Premio Lo Nuestro 2019 – Winners & More

Premio Lo Nuestro 2019 happened on 21st February, awarding best in Latin music, yet the show took place in Miami, USA. Amongst those who left home holding a well-deserved trophy, Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Ozuna is the artist who had the most wins. Natti Natasha, who had the most nominations, the one and only J. Balvin and Mexican band Reik are just a few from those who joined the winners club.

I loved seeing Romanian Artist Inna attending the event. She wore a gorgeous progressive black two-piece combo and had a short bob. The show was presented by darling Maite Peroni (who’s about to release a new single), TV presenter Alejandra Espinoza and singer Victor Manuelle. And yes, Maluma was there too, looking great as ever. Goddess Thalia performed on stage next to Lali and Natti Natasha. I almost got goosebumps watching the performance of these three ladies, with Thalia rocking the stage like there is no age in this life.

Romanian artist Inna rocking in black.

Embed from Getty Images


Lovely Thalia looking like a fairy on the red carpet.

Embed from Getty Images


J. Balvin in green.

Embed from Getty Images


Maluma, looking hot and geeky.

Embed from Getty Images


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